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Mayby for some people will be this story too long…. but it is reall story but for me like a nightmare… when everyone want be quiet I will be not !!!!! OUR STORY FROM FRANCE… from world famous “LA TOUR GELEE- SEVERINE COLME I have wrote to...
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We have available for sale very nice young female. serious interesst only !! Hope Bejby Bordo 15 months old, HD: AA, ED:00 parents: JCH Ursula z Vlckvoskeho mlyna HD:AA, ED: 00 EJW, GCH, CH, multi JCH   Dillen Bejby Bordo : HD: AA, ED: 00   34844054_10211153503185385_6574774935019847680_n...
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For new actual litters please contact Bejby Bordo kennel   www.bordodoga.sk  More info in section CONTACT. BEJBY BORDO KENNEL is owner this page !!!!...
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