Mayby for some people will be this story too long…. but it is reall story but for me like a nightmare… when everyone want be quiet I will be not !!!!!
I have wrote to this person about a male puppy for show and that I prefer puppy from Lilli Rose she wrote me back that she has intime 2 pups and male is great show show quality. I pay deposit and reserved this great show quality puppy…
We spend 3000 km on the road to pick up the puppy, when I come there I think I am in bad dream.. This ” great show quality”  for 2500 euro has not correct tail, but she told me it is okey… His tail is not correct no way…I show her correct tail on my male , cause she look on me like she don´t know what about I speak… So I told her I don´t want him. She offer me an other black mask puppy( I not prefer black) but his tail was not 100% too… So we take a female without any exterier fault.. Severin lie me face to face about ED of her father and till this moment ( 3 months) I don´t know official hips screening of mother cause she ignore my be PM. Like I post this story on FB many people worte me that the mother of this puppy has not hips screening but Colme tell me she is free !!! Probably this will be the reason weil she till this moment not send a official hips screening !!

After 24 hours that we arrived at home , I take a female pupp to vetenerian…

Result: she has ears scrab, treatment minimum weeks, yest on her neck and vaginal bacterial infection treatment min weeks. than result from laboratory – gardia….
this is all inclusive for 2500euro ???? Who should pay this veterinary treatment ?? I am more than disgusted about deal with this person, and here go not about dogs but only about money…. OK Severine when you are not able to answered me by PM I am waitting for export pedigree 3 months.. for puppy for 25000 euro with several problems… and I am not ONLY ONE !!

so welcome to Severine Colme –  la tour Gelle kennel and puppies for 2500 euro…..


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